Sirkel: SWD

Tak: Klein Brakrivier

Studierigting: Gesondheid

Beriggewer: Lydie Terblanche

Date:  Julie 2023

Supporting The Sweethearts Foundation

According to the website of the Sweathearts Foundation the wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices for enhancing personal mobility, yet thousands of South Africans remain bed-ridden; rely on family members to carry them around; or turn to unsafe and uncomfortable home-made alternatives. The Sweethearts Foundation believes that a wheelchair is a basic human right. It allows passionate South Africans to uplift the lives of less fortunate people in the communities. Its mission is to provide wheelchairs to those who need them most, thereby giving them independence and an opportunity to be an invaluable member of their community.

In 2009, together with the support of corporates, schools and volunteers, the “Sweethearts” teamed up to collaborate with the “Tops & Tags” and “Bread tags for Wheelchairs” initiatives which collect and recycle bread tags and plastic bottle tops in exchange for wheelchairs.. Most recipients are children with special requirements, as they are long-term wheelchair users and require customised wheelchairs, which are very expensive. One wheelchair required 450 kg of tops. The Sweetheart foundation has 51 collection points and is growing by the day.

Another consignment of bottle tops and bread tags is on its way to the Sweethearts Foundation. 740kg tops and 30kg tags, bringing the total to 4615kg tops and 147kg bread tags.

Die Klein-Brakrivier-tak is trots om deel van hierdie projek te wees.