Circle:  Tygerberg

Branch:  De la Haye

Portfolio: Arts and Crafts

Reporter:  Elizabeth Joseph

Date:  13 October 2022

Paper machè

Our October meeting was very interesting and informative. We had many visitors from other branches which was amazing.

Issie Jackson gave us a demonstration for our paper machè article for next year’s conference competition.  She explained on how to create a sturdy base (neck) using egg box pulp over a yoghurt tub, with a balloon for the head.  Then using wallpaper glue and strips of newspaper to build it up. Criss-crossing the paper for more stability. Letting it dry properly between layers.  Once adequately built up to start creating the facial features, keeping it mind nothing is perfect.  Use your imagination and be creative. Ensure the base (neck) is sturdy enough to support the head.  Issie also explained how to seal the finished item to ensure that if it gets wet, it will not get soft.  It would even be suitable to be placed outside.

Every person who attended was inspired to start working on their paper mâché article

Issie Jackson and Marna de Kock






Issie Jackson doing demonstration




Start of paper mâché

Items needed for paper mâché


Base of item (neck)                                Demo item 1 made by Issie               Demo item 2 made by Issie

Lucky draw winner Antoinette van Zyl with René Nel


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