Sirkel: Paarl
Tak: Wellington
Tema: Leefstyl
Beriggewer: June Smit
Datum van gebeurlikheid: 26 Augustus 2021

The Lifestyle committee was responsible for the meeting.
Still in the middle of winter the hall was beautifully decorated with orange hawthorne berries and yellow lemons.

Danielle Alexander, owner of the Green Fingers Nursery in town, gave an inspiring talk on indoor plants which is the latest trend in interior decorating.
She has a gentle way of dealing with her subject and we were treated to informative tips on what to do and especially what not to do with these plants.

Pot plants are like babies and need looking after. They need to be fed and watered. They need light (not direct sunlight) and air and their pots need to be changed from time to time. Cut up banana peels are excellent as a pot plant food. Place on top of the soil. Only water when the ground feels dry. Too much water is usually the demise of many a pot plant.

Always show off your plants in interesting and decorative containers which complement your décor and never just plonk them down in the plastic pot in which they were bought.

Our “tea” was a nostalgic feast of “roosterkoek” with preserves and jam and “melkkos” with cinnamon sugar served in yesteryears soup tureens.

WAA meetings are always manna for mind, body and soul.

Ideas with Indoor Plants

Interesting pot plant holders




Pickled green Beans for competition item








Daniella & Corrie Mulder (Lifestyle) in front of all the beautiful plants



Daniela Alexander with Vise-Chairlady, Francina Marais










Aletta Keyser busy tasting the poppyseed cakes with June Smit



As always there is a heavily laden market table with fresh produce

More plants