Sirkel: Tygerberg
Tak: De la Haye
Portefeulje: Gesondheid
Beriggewer: Elizabeth Joseph
Datum: 22 April 2021

Dit is ons tweede vergadering waar ons weer bymekaar mag kom. Almal is so bly om mekaar weer te sien, maar nogsteeds dra ons ons maskers en hou by Covid regulasies.

Amanda Fourie

Tydens ons April-byeenkoms het Amanda Fourie van Body Stress Release ons meer inligting gegee oor ”Body Stress Release” Cell 084 526 3517

What is body stress release? Listen to your body…
The Body Stress Release technique is built on the premise of using the body as highly sophisticated biofeedback system. The practitioner interprets the body’s reflex response to accurately ascertain sites of stored tension and muscle contraction. Once the source of the body stress has been identified, the practitioner performs the release with a series of gentle precise movements that stimulate the nervous system and activate the body’s self-healing response.



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Amanda Fourie’s Story:
In 2016, my husband was diagnosed with Brachioradial Pruritus. This came after weeks of desperation where he almost scratched himself to bleed. The texture of his right forearm skin changed to that of old leather and it itched like he never has experienced before. Nothing brought relief. No ointments, no tablets, NOTHING.

The dermatologist advised him that there is no treatment that actually helps and that ice packs might bring a bit of relief, but he would advise us to go and try out different things in search of something that might relief the symptoms. The dermatologist also said that the only long-term solution is surgery to the cervical spine as the condition is caused by compression in the cervical spine and is worsen by prolonged exposure to sunlight. And just to warn us that this “outbursts” usually presents in cycles of 5 years at a time. And off we went……neck surgery for your arm that itches…….a bit drastic we thought.

One of our friends’ daughters qualified as a BSR practitioner just a few months before this event, and actually – not knowing exactly what she does – we made an appointment. Anything is better than surgery we thought.





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