Sirkel:  Weskus

Tak: Porterville

Huldeblyk: Erelid

Beriggewer:  Mary-Ann van Schalkwyk

Datum:  25 Februarie 2021



VLV-ikoon, Esther Smuts, is op 22 Februarie 2021 oorlede op 96 jaar en 6 maande.

Sy was ‘n fenominale dame en was 71 jaar lid van die VLV Porterville en het haar

70-jaar-kenteken in 2019 ontvang.

Ook Sirkel Weskus het haar lojaliteit teenoor VLV ervaar toe hulle destyds ‘n krisis

ervaar het om die Sirkelvaandel betyds te voltooi vir konferensie, omdat die dame

siek geraak het. Onder Esther se bekwame leiding het sy en ‘n paar lede van VLV

Porterville dit betyds by konferensie besorg vir die oorhandiging.

 Esther Smuts

You always told me not to call you “Tannie”, which until today I find hard to do as I

 have so much respect for you and will always do so. I’m writing in English as you

always spoke English to me.

There is so much to say about you but as I only had the pleasure and privilege to

know you for 7 years, thought I’d use your beautiful name to express my impression

of you both personally and in a “VLV” context:

E  :  EXAMPLE  – Of how a lady and “VLV” member should act at all times.

S  :  SOPHISTICATED – Always, where ever you went, whatever time of the day, 

you always looked stunning…. would have loved to have seen you in the days of

hats and gloves.

T :  TALENTED – You used your God given talents and taught so many people how

to use theirs.

H :  HONEST & HARDWORKING – Shared your opinion  and never ever said you

could not help because you were too old or too busy.

E :   ENERGETIC – Climbing and crawling through the “fynbos” for that perfect flower

for your magnificent floral displays. Porterville Show has never been the same since

you left.   The Ester Smuts Hall stands as a monument to you for your creativeness

and love for flowers which you shared with all the visitors every year.

R :    RELIABLE – One could always call on you for help and advice and you

attended almost every “VLV” meeting no matter what.

I regret that I didn’t know you sooner, not only for your friendship but especially for

your mentorship.  Thank you for all the time and effort you gave to Porterville “VLV”

as Chairperson. Committee member, delegate at conferences etc. and the

“Wiegielied” is one of the many remembrances of which we are very proud. 

You made an everlasting impression on me. 

Rest in peace dearest Esther. We salute you and cherish the many memories.