Circle: Cape Town

Branch: Rondebosch

Portfolio: Education and Culture

Reporter: A Pearce

Date of meeting: 6 June 2019


The Arts and Craft Convener, Mrs Anita Zwanepoel gave feedback regarding the community outreach of our branch. One of the ladies of the Presbyterian Church in Langa , Mrs Thandi de Leeuw was taught how to do Hexagon  quilting by hand. She made 200 Hexagons according to a pattern board and is busy sewing it together.  Thandi is now also teaching this skill to 4 of her friends and is hoping to complete their first quilt by the end of November.



Mrs Zwanepoel also made 2 single bed quilts and 2baby quilts for the Nkosi Safe House.

























To reduce our plastic footprint Mrs Zwanepoel are making material shopping bags. She donates a shopping bag to each of our members on their birthday. She also donated 70 shopping bags to ladies of the Presbyterian Church in Langa.  They are very grateful for this donation.



The convenor for Lifstyle, Mrs Edith Lumpp is leading the echo brick project.  Each member is requested to bring either a completed echo brick to meetings or to bring used plastic to fill echo bricks.  The completed bricks are then donated to the relevant companies and are used to build houses or community centres in our country.