Circle: Cape Town

Event: Circle Conference

Correspondents: Erna de Waal and Aletta Pierce

Date: 8 March 2018


The 66th Conference of Cape Town Circle was hosted by Rondebosch, a Branch with only 12 members and chaired by the Circle President and Chairlady, Mrs. Rina Kotzé. The Conference was well attended by all five branches: Fish Hoek, Hottentots Holland, Milnerton, Rondebosch and Strand as well as representatives and Presidents of adjoining Circles. Mrs. Rina Kotzé stood down as Circle President and Mrs. Charlotte Kriek was elected as Circle President. Mrs. Erna de Waal was elected as Vice–Circle President and Mrs. Rika Schreuder as Circle Treasurer.


Mrs. M.C. Kotzé thanked all the members for their support during her 15 years of office. She referred to the theme Adaptable Woman and said that the WAA ladies proved that they can adapt to changing circumstances in their homes, lives and organization as well as those in the community around them. Theme for 2018: Tomorrow Begins Today: Start planning ahead of time; be well prepared for the tasks that need to be done. In closing: The ability to keep a cool head in an emergency, maintain pose in the midst of excitement, and to refuse to be stampeded are the true marks of leadership.


The main speakers were two representatives of Hertex. They have an impressive fabric portfolio that include fabrics suitable for upholstery or curtaining and feature cutting edge designs and colours that are on the pulse of international trends. Examples and samples of 3 different decorating styles were displayed and discussed, namely a modern (ultra violet), style, a country style and an eclectic style. The Matindale Rub Test of the durability of fabrics was also explained. The company also has an extensive range of wall paper and rugs.


Hennie Nel, president of the Cape Bonsai Kai club gave an interesting talk on Bonsai and its origin. This art form is derived from an ancient Chinese horticultural practice, part of which was then redeveloped under the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism.  The speaker displayed several different sizes of bonsai specimens.


An occupational therapist from Noordhoek developed an activity based programme, Golden Years Living for the elderly. Occupational therapy has its beginning during World War II when sick soldiers with amputations were introduced to knitting by the nurses and it was found that they recuperated better than other who did not have an activity.   Often elderly persons need to move into an old age home or frail care and have to deal with the loss of independence. Activities such as knitting, painting, etc. can assist with a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Knitting assists with sequencing and the reading of a pattern with concentration and memory.


René Bester, a speech therapist and her assistant Lindsay Scaife, an occupational therapist at Vera School for Autistic Learners demonstrated how the Checkers mini shoppers can be used in various ways to teach new skills or concepts.


The high quality display for Public Affairs focused on the current drought and water restrictions in the Western Cape while the display for Health focused on various medical conditions as well as the current Listeriosis outbreak in our country.


In her annual report Mrs. R. Kotzé thanked the Branches and members of Cape Town Circle for their ongoing support over the last 15 years. Competition entries of a high standard were displayed, with Strand, Hottentots Holland and Rondebosch Branches taking the majority of the trophies.  Three special cups were awarded by the President: one to Milnerton Branch for Perseverance, one to Fish Hoek branch for best Administration. The final trophy was awarded to Mrs. M. Walls, Circle convener of Lifestyle / Needlework for Loyalty and Helpfulness beyond the call of duty to WAA. Mrs. E de Waal donated this trophy in honor of Mrs. M.C Kotzé.


Mr. Lesley Rix entertained us with a lovely piano recital.


It was a worthwhile, relaxed and successful Conference enjoyed by everyone.  Rondebosch Branch has to be congratulated with a well-organized Conference.




















A special trophy was awarded by the President, Mrs. M.C. Kotzé to Mrs. Marian Walls (Convener of Life Style/Needlecraft) for Loyalty and Helpfulness beyond the call of duty to WAA.


























Mrs. Véda Meyer, Chairlady of Fish Hoek Branch, received the trophy for Excellent Administration.

























Mrs. Inge Krause received the Floating Trophy (Bobbin lace by metre) on behalf of Rondebosch Branch.  Edith Lumpp was the creator of this beautiful piece of needle art.








The “catering team” of Rondebosch, the hosting Branch that provided delicious eats and hot tea and coffee throughout the day.  They are from left to right: Violet Dollman, Hilda Blake, Edith Lumpp and Annette Kitching.




Past and present Conveners: From left to right: Mrs. Annemarie Botha, outgoing Convener of Education, and Mrs. Joy Visagie, who is taking over from her, both from Hottentots Holland Branch; Helga Fitzroy, Rondebosch Branch, outgoing Convener of Agriculture and Gardening, and Mrs. Hettie Nel, Hottentots Holland Branch, new Convener in this portfolio; Charlotte Kriek, Hottentots Holland Branch, outgoing Convener of Lifestyle/Cooking, and Mrs. Véda Meyer, Fish Hoek Branch, taking over from her.






















Anet van Rooyen collected the trophy for Floral Art which was won by Hottentots Holland Branch. The beautiful arrangement of succulents was done by Mrs. Joy Visagie.

























Mrs. Charlotte Kriek, newly elected President of Cape Town Circle (left) Mrs. Erna de Waal, newly elected vice-President (middle) and Mrs. Rina Kotzé, outgoing President after 15 years at the helm.


























Mr. Hennie Nel, President of the Cape Bonsai Kai Club, is a passionate grower of Bonsai trees.  He owns at least 150 trees of this special art in horticulture and spends time with everyone every day!







Strand Branch achieved the highest total for Arts and Handicraft. Mrs. Susan Alberts was happy to collect this special trophy.




A special cup was awarded for Perseverance. Milnerton Branch was rewarded for their perseverance in the face of difficult circumstances and their Chairlady, Denise Smit, was delighted to receive this cup.