Circle:  NEC

Branch:  Sterkstroom

Portfolio:  Agriculture

Reporter:  Megan Moorcroft

Date:  13 May 2015




Geraldine Darke spoke to the ladies on the challenges of being a woman in the farming business. From when she was a little girl Geraldine always loved the farm and wanted to be a farmer. There are many challenges that need to be overcome, such as staff not being very happy taking orders from a woman, shedding the odd tear when an animal gets sick or injured and has to be put down, as well as some institutions trying to take you for a ride thinking that as a woman you do not know any better. Geraldine has met all these challenges and more and is now a successful farmer in her own right.




Erina Kruger gave a talk on Companion Plants. This is when one plants different plants together to keep insects away e.g. plant a row of cabbage, a row of onions, a row of cauliflower, a row of garlic etc. Some plants that keep insects at bay are the onion family, celery and marigolds. Another deterrent for insects is to put cucumber peels into an aluminium container near your veggies. The chemical reaction between the aluminium and the cucumber gives off an odour that is repellent to insects. To make an organic insect spray for plants put marigold heads, ‘kakiebos’, onion peels, garlic, chilli into a bucket of boiling water and leave to soak overnight. Strain through a sieve and add half a cup of washing powder and use it to spay plants affected by insects. To keep snails and slugs away put very finely crushed egg shells along the borders of beds and this fine powder will stick to the snail and kill it. In order to make your compost decompose faster pour a 440ml can of beer, a 440ml can of cola and a cup of ammonia that has been mixed together over the compost heap and it will speed up the whole process.